Carlitos Way smoked wings


1)2 packages of Costco Kirkland party wings
2)Your favorite dry rub
I personally like “Slap ya MaMa”!
3)Favorite bottle of Carlos’ Consuming Fire Hot Sauce
5)baby carrots
6)favorite dressing


1)turn smoker on and allow it to preheat to 350•F. I have a Louisiana Grill 5 Tier smoker.
Make sure you have good smoke pellets
I personally like Traeger Gourmet blend!
2)dry towel your wings so they are not too wet.
3)pour on your favorite rub thoroughly covering all wings.
4)place wings in smoker for 1 1/4 hr.
5)cut celery and carrots into thin slices

Serving Instructions

Place wings on serving tray. Pour on your favorite Carlos’ Consuming Fire Hot Sauce! I personally love “Hot”! Also place celery and carrots on tray. In small bowl put your favorite dressing and drizzle some of your favorite Carlos’ Consuming Fire Hot Sauce on top. Enjoy!